Breaking News from DD HQ!


Word On The Street Is That Size Does Matter!

You know that feeling when you’ve already got something but you still want more, more, more…??

We have that feeling a lot.

Not content with 4000 sq ft of drums, drum, drums, we’ve now started work on an expansion project. You read it right people, Drum Depot is about to get a whole lot bigger.

The space we’re currently constructing is going to house over 450 cymbals in a specially designed cymbal room with nice shiny lights and everything. We’re always aiming to improve things here and this new, designated cymbal room is going to enhance your cymbal buying experience and take it to a whole new level. (It’ll also mean less dusting for us – keeping those gleaming discs clean is hard work!)

We simply can not wait to don the white gloves and get our moon walk on, in anticipation of our new room opening. We may even buy some ribbon and have an official opening ceremony with speeches and buffet food.*

*Disclaimer: The above statement was meant for entertainment purposes only and we will not be providing buffet food at any DD events now or in the future. Although we’d like to make it clear that we all do enjoy a buffet style lunch 😉



Greb Has Well And Truly Been Grabbed!

The exciting news of the Benny Greb drum clinic at Drum Depot was announced by D’addario and Meinl on all social media outlets and before we knew it, ticket sales went through the roof and sold out within 3 days. Apologies if you weren’t able to grab yourself a ticket but never fear there will be many more events coming to DD so watch this space… (maybe there’s one in December)!!

Further Info: Benny Greb at DD


PYO (Pick Your Own) Cymbals

Do you remember as a kid, in the summer, going to a PYO fruit farm, running up and down the lines and lines of freshly grown fruits and hand picking exactly what you wanted?

Well, the DD Directors (Brett & Mark) have just done exactly that. Not with fruit though oh no no, they’ve been hand selecting much more precious treats…..Meinl cymbals!!

The boys have just returned from a flying visit to Germany, where they sampled a few German beers and ate a frankfurter or 2 with our friends at D’addario UK and were then taken on a grand tour of Meinl HQ.

Whilst there, the boys spent an entire day browsing through freshly made Meinl cymbals from various ranges and hand selecting what YOU said you’d like to see in store. As we speak, those very cymbals are jetting their way over the water and will very soon land on Welsh soil. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve chosen. It may very well coincide with the Benny Greb clinic and the opening of our new cymbal room 🙂



How It’s Made – Yamaha Drums

Imagine having a phone call asking if you’d like to check out Yamaha Drums and receiving an itinerary that’s so jam packed with travelling: flights, car journeys, coaches, buses, cabs, bullet trains etc. with the purpose of trying to fit in as many factory visits and sight seeing trips as possible sparing hardly anytime to sleep.

We were baffled at first as Yamaha is based in Milton Keynes. When we questioned this the reply we had back was… “Umm, we mean Yamaha HQ in China then on to Japan”.

Yup, this happened and yup we had an absolute blast!!

Way too much to write here, so check this out if ya fancy seeing what we got up to… Yamaha Tour Diary


Christmas Is Coming

With not long left before Father Christmas drops by for his annual visit, for the first time in DD history, we’ve decided to open 10am to 4pm on Sunday’s on the run up to Christmas starting from this Sunday 6th November (with the last Sunday opening being on 18th December).

For further info on our Christmas opening hours, check out our website over the new few weeks.







How Did We Manage To Practice B4 P4?

As drummers, we should be practicing, if not on a kit, then at least on a practice pad.

Practice just got a whole lot easier with an ingenious design by Pat Petrillo. The Drumeo P4 Practice Pad is an innovative new design that allows you to practice without limits. This isn’t like a conventional practice pad, as the ‘P4’ produced by Drumeo, has 4 different coloured and textured playing surfaces, each one designed to replicate a part of your kit: Snare Drum, Rack Tom, Floor Tom and Ride Cymbal, allowing you to simulate playing around a kit with accuracy and consistency. All this from a practice pad!!!

The P4 Pad is only available in the UK from Drum Depot, so if you fancy getting your hands on one of these colourful, textured, rather good looking practise pads then pop on down to DD sharpish before they all sell out.


Further Info: Drumeo Practice Pad and P4 at Drum Depot



Evans Calftone Drumheads (Not Really Made From A Calf)

Calm down, it’s not real calf and no animals were harmed in the making of these magnificent new heads by Evans. It looks like a calfskin! It sounds like a calfskin! And it feels like a calfskin! But it’s not a calfskin! It’s Evans ’56 calftone drumheads made from synthetic materials and fitted with D’addario’s Level 360 Technology to serve up the warm, familiar sound you love with the quality and consistency a modern drummer demands. And to welcome these new drumheads into DD, we have a cheeky little Calftone competition coming right your way.

Keep watching FB / Instagram etc to be in with a chance of winning.



Further Info: Check out Calftone here


A Deal With The Devil… Or Devils Actually!

As you’ve probably heard (we may have mentioned it a few times), Drum Depot is now an official sponsor of the Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey Team. We are thrilled about this new sponsorship deal and if you’ve been to a Devils game recently then you’d have seen our rink board in all its glory. Another cool perk (see what we did there… “cool” perk!) of this rather magnificent partnership is that we are now able to offer DD customers the chance to win tickets to see the Devils in action. Keep watching our FB page for a chance to grab yourself a night out on us!

Further Info: Drum Depot sponsor the Cardiff Devils


Party Time

We turn 5 years old on December the 3rd. WOW!!! A whole 5 years since we launched. We’re mega chuffed of what we’ve achieved so far and to celebrate us turning 5 this year, we’ll be giving YOU some birthday deals or perhaps an event. Maybe BOTH!!!

Who knows… ?

We do feel a party coming on (and if you’ve been to our previous Birthday parties you know how much fun they are)…. It’s a tradition of ours, on the run up to our Birthday, to get some discounts going on.

In fact what if we had a party, got some sale stuff sorted AND managed to get our hands on a Roland TD-50KV Kit and THEN invited a famous drummer in to get a private birthday party drum clinic kickin’ off!!!

…We’ll keep ya informed 😉

TD50KV is available to pre-order right now!

#DD5BB #RolandTD50