Hybrid Tour 2013

It’s rare to see a band these days without noticing that the drummer has a few discreetly-placed rubber pads, triggers and even the odd electronic module among their acoustic kit. But what does it all do? How is it set up? And what can you do with it? It’s not something commonly discussed in the drum world – but there’s clearly something very interesting going on.

Roland is shedding some light on the issue with the Hybrid Tour – a series of shows all about adding electronics to your acoustic set-up. Featuring Craig Blundell with appearances from a host of other drummers and musicians, the tour will show you what Hybrid is all about. You’ll learn what a hybrid set up offers on the live stage, in the studio or during practise, and how to create your own hybrid kit and get the best of both worlds. The tour is not all tech either; there’ll be plenty of playing, music, practical tips and quick lessons.

Roland Hybrid Tour 2013, Featuring Craig Blundell and Special Guests

Drum Depot, The Old Warehouse, Next to The Pumping Station, Penarth Road, Cardiff, CF11 8TT

Thursday 22nd August 2013

In Store – 6.30pm onwards, Show 7pm.

Tickets £5

No age restrictions. No refunds/returns. See our T&C’s for more info.