#DDMC Jiffy's Practice Pad Workout

#DDMC-6 Back To Basic

The DDMC is here again and this month we’re stripping things down and going back to basics.

Three words. KICK. SNARE. HAT.

We’re in a time where everyone wants things bigger and better but we’re about to put pay to that way of thinking, and prove to you that all you need to groove behind a kit is a kick drum, a snare drum and some tasty hi hats.

Less is most definitely more.

We’re trying to think of other examples where less would also be more, but they’re all a bit naughty so we’ll just leave you with this…

When: Monday 7th August 2017
What: #DDMC-6 @ Drum Depot
Time: 6pm
Bring: Yourself

Save 10% on the following products during the #DDMC-6 event*

Bass drum pedals, bass drum skins, bass drum muffler, bass drum patches & bass drum cases.

Snare drum stands, snare drum skins, snare drum wires, snare drum cases, moongel, e-rings.

Hi-hat stands, hi-hat clutches, hi-hat accessories (felts, washer, etc), hi-hat cymbals.

*Terms & Conditions apply
10% discount off selected products are only available to customers who attend the entire #DDMC-6 event on Monday 7th August 2017. Discounts are available in-store only. Drum Depot reserve the right to alter or cancel any advertised event without notice.