Evans Drum Tuning Day 21st October 2017

So I bet you’re wondering what the Evans Drum Tuning Day actually involves?

Allow us to explain via this easy to understand bullet point system.

What’s involved?

  • All day event from 10am until 5.30pm
  • One-2-One pre booked time slots
  • Drums will be stripped
  • The right head will be chosen
  • Then it will be tuned to perfection by our Evans tuning expert
  • Goodie bags will be handed out with each Evans purchase made in store
  • You’re welcome to listen in on another person tuning slot

How to I get a piece of this drum tuning action?

  • Contact us ASAP to book a slot
  • Give us your name, number and email
  • Tell us what you’re bringing E.G a snare or a 5pc DW kit
  • Once we have all of the above info, we’ll confirm your place and allocated time slot

Job done!

Terms & Conditions apply

This is a free event. Any products used in order to enhance the sound and performance of your drums will be charged for and are not included in the Evans Drum Tuning Day. You must arrive in-store at your allocated time slot or risk losing your space. We cannot guarantee you another time slot if you miss your original one. Drum Depot reserve the right to change or cancel any event without prior notice. You must confirm how many drums you are bringing with you prior to the event in order for us to allocate a suitable amount of time. Any extra drums brought in on the day will not be re-headed and tuned.